Go Beyond Google Results


Leveraging site-specific search allows digging into niche corners of the web to uncover obscure yet relevant prior art sources that can invalidate patents. Instead of just searching broadly, strategic searching of targeted sites like military/university repositories, blogs, forums, and more can surface art where competitors may not think to look.

Why it’s important?

Obvious places like journal articles and product manuals are well-trodden by invalidity searchers. But site-specific searching shifts the focus to overlooked and obscure places where impactful art can hide in plain sight. Just one thesis paper, forum post, or blog discussing a claimed concept before the priority date can tank a patent. Site-specific search expands the possibilities.

How to execute this strategy?

Follow these steps:

  • Identify sites likely to host relevant prior art for the patent claims like military/university sites, blogs, forums, etc.
  • Use “site:” search in Google to restrict searches to these sites like “site:edu thesis”
    or “site:wordpress blog”.
  • Dig through results looking for documents addressing claimed concepts before the priority date.
  • Archive and document any killer prior art finds and how they invalidate.


Shifting patent invalidity search beyond the usual databases into targeted niche sites can uncover obscure art that others completely miss. Add site-specific search focusing on military, university, blog, forum and other corners of the web to find your patent-busting secret weapon.


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