About Authors

Authored by the brilliant trio, Shikhar Sahni, Ishalli, and Varun Sharma from a IP and Innovation consulting firm GreyB Research, this book is your ultimate solution to the most pressing problem in the world of innovation: how to efficiently and effectively access the prior art that fuels your success.

Hi there! I’m Ishalli. This is my first publish ever and I am really excited to share this achievement with everyone. By the way, I love being called an author now. My co-authors inspired and motivated me throughout this writing journey. And a special thanks to GreyB for providing a platform for letting a writer in me come out in public. I love to chat with people. And going on mountain treks gives me peace and energy at the same time. Well operating at the intersection of business, technology and ux in my career helps me to look at the challenges from whole different perspective.




Shikhar Sahni stands as a commanding figure in the domain of patent and technology consulting, bringing to the table over 14 years of comprehensive industry experience. Currently, he holds the position of Senior Vice President at GreyB, a leading IP and Technology Consulting Firm recognized for its expertise and innovation in the field.

Recognized as a visionary leader, Shikhar has been intrumental in steering companies through the multifaceted processes of innovation. His mastery extends across a broad range of disciplines, including but not limited to Innovation management, Prior art searches, IP Risk mitigation activities, open innovation concepts and scouting. These areas are not just his professional expertise; they are his passion, ensuring companies not only survive but thrive in the competitive fray of technological advancement.

Beyond his professional and literary accolades, what sets Shikhar apart is his strategic foresight paired with a highly pragmatic approach. These qualities have been pivotal in assisting a myriad of organizations to adeptly cut through the tangled web of technology and intellectual property. His advocacy for the flourishing of genuine innovation underpins his significant contributions to the industry, marking him as an author whose insights are not only learned but lived. Through his work, Shikhar  continuously fuels the drive towards a brighter future illuminated by the light of unfettered innovation.